hypnotist logo 1 BrandingNew healthy elements
We begin with Latex Products
We focus only on Latex Products
We are reaching out indefinite ceiling
We pursue the latest healthy element….

Traditional Branding comes from the world famous latex sleeping products. Hugely popular in europe and american countries, pursuing natural and healthy sleep by merging the european american cultures with the chinese element, constantly striving to improve the sleep quality of people.

Hypnotist as natural latex sleeping products is reknown throughout Italy. Such product has successfully penetrated the America, France, Germany, Spain, Belgium and other european countries with healthy sleeping and physiological research centres. Hypnotist is widely distributed throughout the world with different sales channels.

Hypnotist products are processed with natural latex which change the traditional perception of Chinese towards sleeping products. Which is hailed as a revolution in the market with the concept of “pursue natural and healthy sleep”.

hypnotist logo 2 Branding

Hypnotist products are designed by reknown Italian designing team for fashion, simplicity, healthy purposes. These products are known for its quality of superior comfort, delicacy and romance; perfectly combining the western designing style and eastern simplicity, which showcase the uniqueness of Hypnotist as an international brand.