Latex pillows are firm and generally moulded to fit the shape of your neck. This gives added support to your neck and reduces the points of pressure giving you a more comfortable and well-rested night's sleep. Unlike typical pillows, latex pillows are durable and designed to hold their shape. Hypo-allergenic latex pillows keep dust mites and mildew at bay while allowing for increase air flow throughout the pillow. Overtime, latex pillows can become dirty and should be spot cleaned when necessary.

Fill a container or sink with warm water. Add a few drops of a mild laundry detergent. Swish the water and detergent until they are well mixed.

  1. Saturate a clean cloth in the mixture. Wring out the excess liquid.
  2. Blot the latex pillow with the cloth to remove the stains. Continue blotting and reapplying the mixture until the stains is removed.
  3. Lay the pillow on top of a clean towel. Place another clean towel on top of the pillow.
  4. Press down on the pillows and towels gently to remove the moisture. Continue in this manner until the pillow is dry.
  5. Lay the pillow flat in a dry location out of direct sunlight.

Tips & Warnings

  • Do not place latex pillows in the washing machine or dryer.
  • Do not twist or scrunch the pillow during the cleaning process.
  • Use a pillowcase to keep the pillow clean.


Sleep doctor Dr. Dr. Karheinz Nier pointed in his sleeping philosophy that the best way to ease and prevent the pain of back is to do more exercise, so do sleeping. A good mattress can keep your healthy posture when you sleeping.

KH Latex series is top grade natural latex products, which is pay more attention on its action, and we have researched and development many kinds of inner upholder which is suitable for human sleeping, it will make yourself at hone when the muscles are released with all the joints. Sleeping system in the sleeping also have natural sport phenomenon, they support the spines in the way of lengthen and shorten, it will close the state of stopping to prevent some body from the obstacle relaxing to reach the high quality pursuit of healthy sleeping, so that to promote your rhythm in the sleeping .

Natural latex is the fashion mainstream in the sleeping accommodation world at present, which is leading the new trend of healthy sleeping. The precious of material and the environmental of health have become the top choice of heath. The honeycomb air holes which are produced after the high-temperature forming has made its super permeability and elastic, deformation, and easy to clean become the best choice of health sleeping.


As humans we depend for our lives upon sleep mechanisms inside the brain (the body clock, the sleep center) resting the body and the brain by causing us to alternate between waking and sleep. However, in modern society, sleep disorders are becoming more and more common. Among the reasons for this are changes in lifestyle (night-time society); a decrease in our average sleeping time (which has shortened by 1 hour in 10 years); people going to bed later (50% of 3yr-olds go to bed after 10 o'clock at night); an increase in night working and shift working (1/3 of the working population are now shift workers); increased stress; and the ageing of society (more of us suffer from sleep disorders as we get older, with dementia sufferers being particularly badly affected).

Also, sleep disorders among children are becoming a serious problem, and are a cause of poor school results, impaired concentration, mood swings, raised blood pressure, and non-attendance at school.

In Japan about 24 million people, or about 20% of the population, suffer from some sort of sleep-related problem, and every night about one in five people suffers the misery of being unable to sleep. This is a serious problem affecting the whole of society. To solve sleep-related problems like these, it is important to optimize the sleeping environment.

We have for a long time been contributing to improvement of the sleeping environment by concentrating on the pillow.

The pillow is not just a piece of bedding that we put our head on when we go to sleep. Because the pillow determines the angle of the neck during sleep, its position and angle determine the position of the spine as a whole and also influence whether or not it is possible to turn over naturally and easily in one's sleep. It is the crucial role of the pillow to make sure that the back vertebrae and the neck vertebrae are properly rested during sleep.


Machine washable and we suggest run it on soft cleaning mode with pillowcase on. Can also be washed by hands with squeezing it.

Avoid snatching small angle and crawl it up because the pillow will break due to overweight. Use dry towel and other material with squeezing by hands after cleaning. Than dried or drying it with media temperature.

Natural Latex pillows should be away from heat and ultraviolet rays as well as basking.

We recommend that the best way to do is to clean the pillowcase instead of cleaning the latex cottons.

The Maintenance Of Latex Products

According to Chinese tradition, we are used to bask traditional pillows. However, the natural latex does not have bacterial growth conditions and will not breed bacteria, mites and other harmful micro-organisms. Also, natural latex is easy to be oxidation by basking it due to its delicacy.

Do not need regular cleaning: not because latex products cannot be washed, but after the dry cleaning process, the average consumers have no drying equipment, instead, it causes residual moisture. If you have a washing machine with drying function, it can be washed on the soft cleaning mode with a pillowcase on and drying it below the media temperature or dried. Latex cotton itself has no need for frequent cleaning, only pillowcases cleaning needed.

Small area cleaning: just wipe it with a wet towel and put in well-ventilated place for a few hours.

Product Color: Natural latex cotton is very delicate. Natural oxidation and the color gradually turn yellow are normal phenomena with the exposure of the sun and are.

Latex Products Collection: avoid heavy pressure weights, do not put damp place, ventilation and dry place are the idea place to put.

If the consumers use vacuum bag, remove it will immediately rebound. Lay it for one or two days if it isn’t.


The quality of latex is dictated by two main factors:

  1. the manufacturing process; and
  2. the blend of natural and synthetic latex .

Although latex has been the premium cushioning material for 60 years it was improved when we began to manufacture synthetic latex and blend it with natural latex. It enabled us to deliver a wider range of firmness and increase the life of the product.

The two different manufacturing processes are the Talalay Process and the Dunlop Process.

The Talalay process is more costly but delivers the highest quality available with the widest range of firmness, and the longest lasting consistent comfort level. The mattress cores are produced in individual moulds, and undergo vacuum, freezing, heating, and an extensive washing process to eliminate imperfections. With this process we can produce gentle soft latex mattress cores and latex pillows that will still retain long lasting comfort and durability.

The Dunlop process has less steps in the production chain, is produced on an open conveyer, and produces latex with a firmer feel. Talalay process produces very soft to super firm latex.

Latex is rubber and rubber is Latex

Latex is a mixture of organic compounds produced by some plants in special cells called caticifers. The composition of latex differs from plant to plant. Most natural rubber comes from a single species of tree, Hevea brasiliensis. Though native to South America, H. brasiliensis is planted in large plantations in Southeast Asia, including Malaysia.

Rubber trees take around 5 years to grow from a seedling to maturity, or a point that it can start to produce rubber. It has an economic life of about 25 to 30 years. Trees are tapped by removing thin strips of bark, which disrupts the laticifers (definition : A plant duct containing latex). The latex then flows down grooves cut in the tree and drips into collection cups.

Rubber estate workers (also known as tappers) then proceed to collect the latex from the collection cups by pouring the contents of the collection cups into a larger container before replacing the collection cup into its original position.

After natural latex is processed, it becomes a rubber with excellent mechanical properties. It has excellent tensile, elongation, tear resistance and resilience. It has good abrasion resistance and excellent low temperature flexibility. However, without special additives, it has poor resistance to ozone, oxygen, sunlight and heat. It has poor resistance to solvents and petroleum products. Useful temperature range is -67º F to +180º F (-55º C to +82º C). It is the high resistance to tear and its superb resiliance over synthetic rubber that makes it still being used by medical doctors and surgeons all over the world.

Some Interesting Facts and Figures:

  • Natural Rubber comes from the Rainforest.
  • Rubber gives us surgical gloves, balloons, band-aids, sporting goods, tennis shoes, and chewing gum.
  • Natural rubber resists heat. If you have ever flown in an aeroplane, you landed safely on tyres made of natural rubber.
  • Rubber trees are among the taller trees in the rain forest.
  • Just under the bark of the rubber trees is a soft tissue that is rich with creamy liquid called latex. Slanting cuts in the bark of a rubber tree guide the sap into a small cup which is then gathered by Rubber Tappers.
  • Most Amazonian rubber is still produced in the same way it was 100 years ago. The latex collected in the forest is slowly dripped on a pole, which is turned by hand in the smoke of a palm nut fire. The latex hardens to a tough, rubbery mass.
  • There can be as many as six hundred wild rubber trees in one thousand acres of rainforest. Because these trees are widely scattered in the forest, they are more resistant to disease. When they are planted close together in rows on rubber plantations, they are susceptible to a fungus called the South America leaf blight.
  • Rubber trees must be about 5 years old before they produce latex.
  • Wild rubber trees grow throughout the forest and thrive only in these conditions in South America.
  • In Asia plantations are possible without the danger of the leaf blight which occurs in South America.
  • Many indigenous peoples earn their living in the Amazon through this rubber tapping and through gathering other things like nuts, herbs and medicines, spices, fruits, fish etc,. They do this without harming the delicate balance of the rainforest.
  • Rubber tappers are called 'Seringueiros' - Say-rin-gay-eros. Today, the Seringueiros maintain a higher standard of living than do the slash and burn farmers. They have also lost only 4% of their forests.
  • World rubber consumption in 2004 was about 20 million tons. The figure is estimated to keep rising. The vehicle sector, tyres and components together, use about 70-75 % of the volumes mentioned above. Tyre industry is estimated to grow at a slightly slower pace than other rubber industries. Most of rubber products globally are consumed in North America, Western Europe and Japan. The growth rate, however, is fster in China ond other countries in the Asia-Pacific area.
  • Synthetic rubber comprises about 60 % of the total volumes. Approximately 44 % of synthetic rubber and 77 % of natural rubber are consumed by the tyre industry. Of synthetic rubber types SBR (styrene butadiene rubber) is the most used one. EPDM (ethylene propylene diene) has, however, a faster growth rate. The fastest growing demand is experienced by thermoplastic elastomers. These are materials with properties between traditional rubbers and thermoplastic plastics.


Natural Latex pillows have gained more public attention in recent years as a good option when purchasing bed sheets, bed covers, mattresses, and pillows. The pillows may be made of either natural latex or synthetic latex.

Natural latex is found in rubber trees based in warm climates such as Africa, Indonesia, Malaysia, and South America. It is made of bio-degradeable ingredients which helps the environment. Once the milky sap has been extracted from the rubber tree, whipped, and baked it can be used in latex products such as beds, gloves, and pillows. Synthetic latex combines styrene and butadiene to make a strong combination for a latex product and provide greater support. Many people prefer the natural latex foam pillows compared to the synthetic latex pillows.

Some benefits of using latex foam pillows include natural alignment, breathability, dust mite resistance, anti-microbial factors, and longer lasting. These pillows provide a maximum level of comfort for the head and neck areas to keep the body in place and decrease the level of chronic headaches, shoulder strain, and tightness in the neck. This allows a sleeping individual to maintain his/her relaxed position during the night which allows for a deeper sleep throughout the night.

By being breathable, these pillows remain cool during the summer and warm during the winter so the body's temperature does not experience discomfort based on weather patterns. These pillows, combined with a mattress, allow the body to maintain a core temperature during the sleep cycle and allow the person to awake refreshed.

Dust mite resistance and anti-microbial properties appeal to individuals with chronic allergies. Allergy sufferers maintain a higher level of comfort when using the pillows and do not have to worry about washing them weekly to control allergy symptoms.

Latex foam pillows are long lasting since they do not wear down or become lumpy with excessive use as found with traditional pillows. The pillows cost more initially, but do not have to be replaced constantly over the years so the foam pillows become cost-effective.


A latex pillow is a pillow made of soft foam, which may be produced with sap from the rubber tree. This isn’t always the case, and some pillow companies created blended latex pillows that contain synthetic latex. The attraction of having a natural pillow that is more eco-friendly draws some consumers to latex pillows, and they should look for those that are sold as 100% natural latex to avoid getting synthetically produced ones. Others simply like both natural and synthetic latex because they provide firm and bouncy comfort, and they’re long lasting.

There is some variation in types of the latex pillow. The most common ones are bed pillows, made to comfort the head while sleeping. Other types like neck rests for cars or lumbar cushions are available too. Size of the latex bed pillow may be a little different than other pillows. Many of the pillows have contouring, which offers neck support and may be a particular favourite for people who have back and neck pain. Others are shaped much like the standard pillow shape, and may come in standard, queen, and king sizes to accommodate differently sized beds.

These pillows also vary by covering. Some are covered with materials like 100% organic cotton, and others have polyester/cotton or terrycloth covers. A few feature wool covers. As with the average bed pillow, most will require a traditional pillow cover for sleeping and to prevent staining of the pillow.

People may wonder if a latex pillow will be too firm. Some companies do make the pillows in varying degrees of firmness, but even those rated as “soft” may not be comparable with a very thin soft filled bed pillow. Those who normally prefer a firmer pillow are likely to find latex fairly comfortable. Many especially praise its bounce-back quality, since it won’t remain crushed as people change positions while they sleep.

Some of the benefits of bed pillows made of latex include their durability and their eco-friendliness. These pillows can also be labeled as hypoallergenic, though this deserves explanation. Latex is hypoallergenic in the sense that it resists mold and dust mites, but some people have very serious latex allergies and should not use a latex pillow. Those who might be at risk for latex allergies, like those who work around latex all the time or who have had multiple medical procedures or hospitalizations in the past, may want to avoid these pillows too.

Other pros to latex pillows include their ability to retain shape. Though initial investment can be pricey, many of these pillows will last, with proper care, for about five years. A few brands back up durability claims with a money back guarantee.

Though there are many fans of latex pillows, more than a few people don’t care for them. At first, people may be annoyed by their smell, which is similar to rubber tires. This does dissipate as the pillow ages, but it can prove too annoying for sleep at first. Another objection is price, which is usually much higher than that of a standard pillow. Others find these pillows too firm, and like being able to crush their pillows at night, and in this case a latex pillow is probably not a good option.


There are 8 arguments in favor of mattresses and pillows made from 100% natural latex:

  1. The unique structure of bedding made of latex allows the human body to obtain maximum comfort while you sleep.
  2. Pillows and mattresses have expressed an orthopedic effect due to the uniform distribution of body weight, there is no load on the spine and the normal circulation of blood.
  3. On a mattress made of latex, you will not feel movement on the bed of your relatives,because the latex does not creak, and not break.
  4. In products made of latex is not going to dust, can not live bacteria, house dust mite (saprophytes). All this prevents respiratory and allergic diseases.
  5. Breathable structure allows to keep warm during the cold season and warm in the heat. 6. During your sleep, thanks to the porous structure on latex mattresses do not form pits and depressions.
  6. During your sleep, thanks to the porous structure on latex mattresses do not form pits and depressions.
  7. Products made of natural latex burdensome to maintain, if necessary, easily erased.
  8. The service life of products made of natural latex for over 30 years, and the official manufacturer’s warranty is 10 years.

Latex foam pillows are special pillows crafted so that they can prove helpful in terms of allergy defense, mildew defense, and bacteria defense. If you are seeking a pillow that will not collect dust mites and promote illness, than a latex pillow is the best selection for you.

Natural latex pillows are capable of helping an individual remain dry and cool while sleeping, and they maintain their shape so that they are always supportive and comfortable. Inexpensively priced and well designed, a latex pillow is a product with antimicrobial properties, hypoallergenic features, and the pillows are fantastically easy to care for too.

If you have a child that suffers from constant illness or allergies or if you suffer from similar conditions, you can reduce the ailments you suffer from with a latex pillow investment.

Cleaning latex pillows is a fairly easy endeavour, which makes these types of pillows highly desirable. After removing the covering on the latex pillow, you can wash the pillow in some lukewarm water and some mild detergent.

The pillow can then be aired dried and re-covered for future use. It should be noted that latex pillows can be damaged if placed in a drier so these pillows should always be naturally air dried.

Some of the benefits of having a pillow crafted out of latex can be identified when assessing the features of a Talalay latex foam pillow. A latex pillow by Talalay is crafted of superior foam materials which are resistant to compression so they do not sag or flatten out through repetitive use.

It is sold with a machine washable, high thread count pillow cover too so you can keep your new purchase protected. These pillows have foam that is manufactured during a unique process: the material to make the interior of the pillow is put into pin core moulds so that channels of air can be put into the foam in order to intensify the pillow’s natural breathing features. Once crafted, the foam is then washed in a five step process and fully inspected to ensure the pillow’s quality.

A Dunlop pillow latex pillow is a superior pillow selection simply because these pillows are crafted out of superior Talalay foam. These pillow selections are wonderful for both children and adults, they are impressively resilient, and you can save money in the long run since you can avoid continual pillow replacement. Finally, these pillows add to one’s comfort level when sleeping simply because the foam inside of them allows the pillows to remain firm and supportive.

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You can get added support for your neck while you sleep or recline when you invest your money into one of many superior neck support pillows. Pillows supplying full neck support are associated with incredible therapeutic benefits and such benefits go beyond the simple act of reducing muscular tension.

When you buy one of these pillows you are going to get more than a super comfortable night’s sleep, since you can also ensure that you get many nights of recuperative sleep to come. You will get a variety of health benefits that can improve your general health, and since such pillows are quite affordable, you can take an inexpensive, holistic approach to ensuring your long-term well-being.

Problems Caused by Traditional Pillow Use. 
What happens when you are not using a cervical neck pillow while you sleep? For one thing, your spine, neck, upper back, and shoulders are improperly aligned and this can cause a whole host of health problems for you. Beyond tenderness and achiness, you can also begin to suffer from bouts of snoring as well as nerve conditions, which affect your sensations in your shoulders, arms, and neck, and you can even suffer from morning headaches and sleep disturbances.

Excessive stress is placed upon the upper portion of your spine as well as your neck when your body is not sufficiently aligned, which can make you sore, stiff, and fatigued during your waking hours. The simple investment in a cervical neck pillow will help prevent such issues from arising.

Advantages of Having a Pillow with Neck Support. 
Pillows created for neck pain relief help to support the spine, shoulders, head, and neck. Whether you enjoy reclining on your side or back, orthopedic neck pillows are perfect for all sleeping positions because they actually elevate your neck and shoulders into a position which successfully aligns your spine.

These pillows are created with unique foam materials too so that they can offer you supreme comfort during their use.Some of the therapeutic neck support advantages you receive from utilizing neck support pillows include the fact that these pillows can keep your head from tilting into unnatural positions, and they can also keep your head from slipping off the pillow or from rolling in a sideways direction.

You are given a pillow with unique contours so that the natural curvature of your spine and neck is fully supported. Such pillows are ideal for individuals suffering from neck strain, from conditions like TMJ, and they are also just right for every individual simply seeking to improve the quality of the sleep they get each night.