what is latex top What is LatexIn its purest form, latex is the milky white liquid that is tapped from the trunks of mature rubber trees. It is then converted into an ultra-cushioning material with a wide range of firmness and comfort, through heat, vacuum, and freezing. The end product to mattress manufactures is in the form of solid latex cores approximately 6″ thick, and in varying degrees of firmness. The 6″ latex cores are used as an entire mattress, or sliced to desired thickness to be used as comfort layers for premium mattresses. It is 5 times denser than polyurethane foam, which is used in 90% of all mattresses manufactured around the world. And yes, latex is quite a bit more expensive initially but because of its life span is the least expensive in the long run.

Six Major Advantages of Latex:

  1. Highly flexiblewhatIsLatex inner What is Latex
  2. The high flexibility and comformity of natural latex allow all body weights and sleeping posture supported naturally, thereby removing insomnia from your life and lumbar acid secreted during the sleep.

  3. Excellent ventilation
  4. The ballon molecular structure of the latex allows greater air circulation, thereby inhibiting the growth of bacteria and parasites by lessening heat generated and maintaining the same huminity throughout your sleep.

  5. Greater body contact area
  6. The flexibility of mattresses made of latex allows body contact area of 5-6 times higher as compared to ordinary mattresses, which then provides more even distribution of body weight, helping yourself to adjust sleep posture naturally and relaxing the backbone.

  7. Acclaimed durability
  8. The mattresses and pillows made of latex are certified internationally for its durability.

  9. Silent feature
  10. Latex is able to absorb any noise or vibration caused by the body turning during sleep. This helps to reduce any disturbance during sleep, not affecting your partnet at sleep while allows yourself to sleep at ease with less turning.

  11. Static insulation
  12. By using non-metalic component in our mattress helps to reduce any effect of electroc, inhibiting the effect of magnetic field, therefore perfecting the scope of static insulation. The latex itself also possesses natural comfort without any chemical ingredient, removes any chemical reaction caused to your skin.