KH Natural Latex Products are the best sleeping gifts to human.

KH Natural Latex Products mattress and pillows are designed in accordance with ergonomic theory. After received approvals from mattress experts and medical experts who then unanimously recommended such products. Accordingly to expert studies conducted which concluded that the latex superior elasticity, excellent conformity to body curve which helps to maintain the body’s natural curvature are providing sleeper to enjoy the sense of floating which helps to relax the entire body and thus completely relieving pressure during the sleep.

  1. A soft mattress may not provide sufficient support to the spine, which is bad for health;
  2. A hard mattress may lift up the spine and thus not fully supporting the below waist part of body;
  3. KH of ecological latex mattress is considered the best as it possesses the right rigidity which gives a even distribution of body support and thus positioning the spine.

Product strengths:

  1. Pillow made of eco latex natural is able to support cervical spine;
  2. Traditional pillow causes pressures on cervical spine to deform;
  3. Anti-mite;
  4. Pressure speeds air ventilation.


KH Natural Latex Pillows

Enhance your sleeping comfort

There is nothing like the perfect pillow for sleeping at its best. Before you blame your current mattress for poor sleeping look at the type and number of pillows you are using.

Naturally supportive, latex adjusts to you

product 150x117 ProductsNatural Latex pillows dynamically conform to your movements. Unlike rigid, polyurethane-based pillows, natural latex evenly distributes pressure providing comfortable support in any sleep position.

All the comfort without the fluff

Advanced technology using the Talalay manufacturing process creates the superior cell structure and density of our latex pillows. It’s this cell structure that allows our pillows to bounce back time and again and why they never need fluffing. Available in soft and medium firmness’s.

KH Latex Products e-catalog (Size 4.9MB)