thumbs co50 Latex Contour Pillow Series

Code: Contour Pillow
Item no: co50/60
Size (cm): 50x30x7x9/ 60x40x10/ 60x40x12/ 60x40x14

Contour pillows can adjust and correct your sleeping posture and fully relax your brain, joints and muscles, and it can be greatly improving the quality of your sleep.
The latex pillow with high contour design to support neck for those who have problem with neck-ache. The pillow is firm and will not compress or lose shape and help relieve pain.

The unique and different products curve design are special designed by department, according to the principle to human body engineering and according to different groups and sleep habits can effectively reduce the head and face with a pillow pressure. This structural design can increase the force size, so that the pressure distribution uniform, effectively reduce the head, face, eyes the extent of deformation to prevent the sample sizes of around eyes, facial asymmetry, surface minister wrinkles, flat back of the head and so on, played the role of beauty and health-care.