thumbs huc60 Latex Hugging Pillow Series

Code: Hugging Pillow
Item no: huc 60
Size (cm): 60×15/ 90×15/ 120×20

Hugging latex pillow also known as bolster pillows is a favourite bedroom and living room furnishing of many interior designers for the simple fact that this versatile bolster can instantly add a pop of bold colours and patterns in any room. If you’ve always lived in a whitewashed bedroom with plenty of safe pastel or neutral colours, the addition of bolster pillows could instantly add an accent to your bedroom decor.
In terms of functionality, hugging pillows are also convenient in the sense that it can be used to support the neck, lower back and is even used to prop the feet up.
Hugging pillows are easily identifiable due to their cylindrical tube-like shape. The ample length of the bolster is what makes it ergonomic when it comes to supporting the neck, lower back or to rest under the back of the knees.
Alternatively, the hugging pillow is also frequently used as a knee spacer by side sleepers as well. This means that the hugging pillow not only helps keep your spine aligned but also reduces the pressure on your back too.

thumbs le60 Latex Hugging Pillow Series

Code: Hugging Pillow (Pairs)
Item no: le 60
Size (cm): 60×20

This is special designed hugging pillow in pairs, which is special dedicated for you and your very love one with exceptionally meaningful.

Products developed using pure natural latex to form heart-shaped theme of art design, feel comfortable and soft. This product allows you to see beyond the pillow definitely tempted, the expression of love between lovers are an excellent gift. Reclining in bed, the embrace of beautiful color, design exquisite heart-shaped pillow, with the intimate lovers communicate the feelings of the day, all the advance will unknowingly slowly dissipated. Truly the perfect combination of practical and aesthetic Products trilingual.